August 22, 2022

Mern Full Stack Training

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Best Mern Full Stack Training Institute


A recent survey states that the demand for FullStack Developers has increased by 48% when compared with the past few years due to the rise of significant technological development. MERN stack includes every latest trend and technology which are expected to have good demand at present as well as in the future. You need not learn multiple languages for backend and frontend as learning just the JavaScript Full Stack would work. It is also a modern, proven, maintainable, and fast stack with an outstanding developer community. There are a ton of job opportunities available with excellent salary packages across the globe. iHub’sMERNStackDeveloperProgram gets your hands-on, project-based learning is at the heart of everything you do at and Land top developer jobs with real work experience in key skills by working on internship-grade projects.


  • Only EdTech with 100% Internship based and job guarantee training
  • Institute backed by strong IIT alumina Team
  • Big Data professionals
  • More than 10,000 + success stories created
  • Partnered and served 100+ clients right from the inception of the firm
  • Parent company Quality Thought No #1 providing placements since 2010
  • Experienced IT Architects, subject matter experts as advisory in the board
  • Guaranteed Internship Opportunity (3 to 6Months) for every participant
  • Backed by a strong Internal human resource team enabling quick placements
  • Special guidance to students to win jobs with the highest packages


  • Industry ready course roaster designed by architects and subject matter experts
  • Proven content, creating a gateway to the world of Job opportunities
  • Practical & detailed approach, everyone can understand and perform to excel
  • Subject matter experts as trainers
  • Not just learning, Learn by doing methodology
  • Access to Instant recorded live Class videos shared
  • Personalized attention and guidance to accelerate the learning
  • Member access to a private group to get instant doubt clarifications
  • Guest lectures from leading MNC Companies

Course Content

Session #1 :- JavaScript Basics

  • ES2015 and beyond
  • Operators and Assignment
  • Variables and Scoping
  • Strings, Numbers and Booleans
  • Conditional Logic
  • Functions and Closures
  • Arrays and Objects
  • Data Structure Iteration
  • ES Modules

Session #2 :- Advanced JavaScript

Session #3 :- Document Object Model (DOM)

Session #4 :- TypeScript Language

Session #5 :- NGRX State Management

Session #6 :- React Basics

Session #7 :- React Router

Session #8 :- React State Management

Session #9 :- Advanced React

Session #10 :- Node.js

Session #11 :- MongoDB

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Duration: 60 hours
Lectures: 10
Students: Max 50
Level: All Levels
Language: English
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