December 3, 2022

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Best Testing Tools (Manual & Selenium) Training Institute


Testing tools are required for the betterment of the application or software. There are many tools available in the market where some are open-source and paid tools. Testing tools, enable us to improve our software performance, deliver a high-quality product, and reduce the duration of testing, which is spent on manual efforts. Testing tools has been always a lucrative Job market for freshers as well as experienced and continues to grow year on year. iHub offers a curriculum design by Industry experts to make you industry-ready from day one on the job, what’s more, it comes with a 100% job guarantee.

Course Overview

We make you understand the fundamental principles and processes of software testing. You will have actively created test cases and run them using an automated testing tool. You will be writing and recognizing good test cases, including input data and expected outcomes. This course covers the foundations of test automation, as well as different strategies for implementation. We explain what kinds of tests to use, how to choose the right test tools, and how to plan and execute test automation projects. And also describes strategies to maintain automation over time: adding new tests, updating old tests, and resolving failures.


  • Professionals who are looking for a career in the field of Data Science and Big Data
  • Data Science professionals
  • Big Data professionals
  • Business Intelligence professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Information Architects

Course Content

Session #1 :- Testing Basics

  • Testing Introduction
  • Define Software Quality
  • List the Software Quality Attributes
  • Understand Verification and Validation
  • Understand what is Software Testing and its Significance
  • Explain how Testing improves Software Quality
  • Understand History and Evolution of Software Testing
  • Describe Software Testing Principles
  • Define what is a Software Defect and its significance
  • Understand various software development methodologies
  • Explain how testing process would differ based on the development methodology

Session #2 :- Types of Testing

Session #3 :- Levels of Testing

Session #4 :- Software Testing Life Cycle

Session #4 :- Software Testing Life Cycle

Session #5 :- Requirement Analysis

Session #6 :- Test Planning

Session #7 :- Test Scenarios and Test Cases Design

Session #8 :- Test Scenario to Test Case

Session #9 :- System Test Cases writing

Session #10 :- Test Cases Execution

Session #11 :- Test Data Setup

Session #12 :- Defect Reporting

Session #13 :- Deep Dive on Agile Methodology and Scrum Framework

Session #14 :- Jira

Session #15 :- Project Explanation-Agile Project

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